Any pop-up at start-up will make a pipe connection hang

When trying to pipe from an external app(Blender:, if there is any pop up at the start-up of Audacity it’ll make both apps hang. Ex. a pop up saying that Audacity was shut down without saving, will make it hang, or the welcome popup.

The “How to get help” screen can be disabled in Preferences:

Messages relating to unsaved projects or similar can’t be disabled - it may be the one and only chance to save previous work. This type of message should not occur if Audacity is shut down cleanly.

Any other pop-ups?

When starting Audacity from Blender, you don’t even get to see the pop-ups, you just get both apps hanging, which is not user friendly at all.

How are you doing that?

Command line. The pipe is active when starting up, but as mentioned, any pop-up at start-up will make both apps hang when trying to pipe anything.

So why don’t you just close the pop-ups before starting your script :confused:

Is your script “hanging” or just waiting for a (blocking) command to complete?
For robustness, at least the “read” from the pipe need to be running in a separate thread or process from the main Python app.

Here are some of the reports:

Perhaps you need to start Audacity as a separate process, subprocess, or fork and execute.

For example, in Bash you can fork out Audacity with a separate PID:

$ audacity &
[1] 6541
# execution continues in parent process ...

The “[1]” is the job number and the second number is the PID.