any Isochronics out there ?

Hi - I have been following the Isochronics for a few years and kept starting with AudcIty, but things always seem to keep missing. I notice the Posts, alot of associated website and the updates of each version seem to be somewhat fragmented and dont quite match the current version. Which is 2.3.2 right now by the way

nevertheless I seem to have it basically working now, except there are a few navigational functions that I cant find any names for, so I cant ask the questions. What would really help is a Glossary. I tried a few YouTubes but that didnt help, so if you have any suggestions it would sure be helpful

now the next question I have is about the Isochronic Tones, and many of the websites seem to be fading pretty fast at the date of this message and if any Iso’s out there find this, I would sure use any addresses you have of active sites… because the whole program seems to be losing Steam without any coordination

the issues seems to be that the information is so fragmented with No One at the Wheel, that anyone like me just starting up cant find a complete set of instructions in any one location to navigate by and no means of support is collapsing itself

what I am trying to find out is, lets say I have 20 Tones. Nothing ever says how long I am supposed to play these, so will say 5 Minutes… so can I overlap and simultaneously play these Frequencies all in 5 minutes ? Or do I have to play one at a time for the whole 100 minutes ? I know how to do it, but I just dont know if I can

this needs some kind of a Iso Guru or a Handbook or something to keep the movement alive… either that or everyone got so Iso’d out that they are no longer with us

anyone have any current leads ?


The current version of Audacity is now 2.3.3. It is available via the Audacity website: Audacity ® | Downloads

We don’t provide a glossary for terms relating to “brain entrainment” or “isochronics”, because the terminology used within these circles are frequently made up words and mumbo-jumbo. For an explanation of the meanings of terms used in those circles, you will need to ask the people that use those terms (though I wouldn’t have a high expectation of explanations that make sense - much of the “theory” is based on modern superstition).

Advertising is not permitted on the Audacity forum, so please do not advertise websites here.

There are no rules about isochronic tones. You can do whatever you want. If anyone gives you a recipe for; “so many minutes of this tone, followed by so many minutes of that…”, then that is just their opinion - there are no evidence based rules for anything to do with isochronic tones or any other form of “brain entrainment”. Note that the Wikipedia article on the subject does not even use the word “evidence” a single time.

On this forum, we are more than happy to help with using Audacity, and achieving audio effects with Audacity. This forum is not a place for discussing broader psychological beliefs or practices.