Any improvements with 3.3 on Non Audacity Plugins / VST’s insisting on loading every time?

Hello - I’ve read the support releases up through 3.3.2 and was unable to find any mention
of a fix or solution whereby Non Audacity VST plugins load despite they were tagged to ignore.
As Jademan had suggested previously to use 3.1.3 which is installed and works flawlessly without issue.
Can anyone confirm if the latest release 3.3.2 has cured this previous issue?

The developers have been continuing to improve Plugin/VST logic with every release. I haven’t heard any reports recently similar to what we heard before.

I would go ahead and try 3.3.2 and report back if you have a specific issue with it.

Note that you can always create your own local experimental version of Audacity by unzipping the Zip release into a local directory of your choosing and adding a “Portable Settings” folder. See Portable Audacity - Audacity Manual. Personally, I just keep it in my Downloads folder and delete it when I am done.

As you know this could take a while if you have a lot of third-party plugins, so you would likely start this up when you will be away from you computer for a while.

I am having the same issue with 3.3.2 under Mac OS 13.3.1 (‘plug-in will not register’). Any solutions gratefully welcomed.

Which plug-in? (I am a Windows guy.)

Izotope RX6 - outdated, I know, but works perfectly with Audacity 2.4.2, but the VST3 version with Audacity 3.3.4 is a problem.
Also an issue with Waves De-breath.
Thanks for any inspiration!!

Yes, it is.

The first three items here are the only known open issues with the Waves or Izotope plugins: Issues · audacity/audacity · GitHub

As your reports seem to differ from the above, let me suggest that you report your issues directly to the developers by clicking on the green “New Issue” button at the above site.

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