Any idea what is causing this?

Hi everyone,

I was wondering if anyone has any idea what is causing this robotic hum with my microphone?

It only lasts for about 5-10 seconds and the audio is being recording using a usb audio mixer and i’ve tried everything to figure out the cause to no result, any help would be much appreciated.


Softwares can fight over control of sound. One retains control but is interrupted at regular intervals.
When that happens it can cause regular pulses like you have, ( 10ms apart if that’s any help ).

So it sounds like a software conflict?

How would i go about fixing this issue, if there is a fix?

Thanks, much appreciated

  • Rhys


There is an “exclusive mode” in Windows: so only one program has control of the mic …

I’ve never had to use it myself though, so I’m not familiar with it :confused: ,
( I would try all possible permutations of the 2 “exclusive mode” tick boxes ).

Can also try giving Audacity higher CPU priority so it is less likely to be interrupted by other software.

Alright i’ll give that a go and see if that fixes the issue (fingers crossed).

Thanks for the help!