Any fix yet?

Audacity 2.3.0 was working perfectly until this just started happening.

Clicking on the mic level monitor area won’t bring up my mic level. It usually shows a little action.
If I try to record, it stops right after starting. On the Timeline, a red arrow (triangle) shows at the far left (past ‘0’). It’s tooltip says: ‘Click to pin’, …and another red arrow shows at the ‘0.0’ spot on the timeline with the tooltip: ‘Timeline actions disabled during recording’.
I’ve tried various Project rates, etc., and nothing helps.
Is Win 10 Home scewing with me …AGAIN?

After playing around some more, I find that selecting the wrong devices for playback in Audacity …cure the problem. I have had a similar problem before, where the selecting of an audio output device, on the sidebar of Windows, brings up the wrong device: (i.e.) If I click on the monitor’s speakers, I get sound in my headphones. So it looks like it’s a Win 10 problem…so far!