Any effect to make your recording voice more scrachier

I’m looking for a more assertive kind of tone if you feel me.


<<<I’m looking for a more assertive kind of tone if you feel me.>>>

Audacity tends to not do well in changing the character of a voice. You can make it more dense with the compressor tools and you an unbalance it a little with the equalizer, but nobody is going to change their girlfriend’s voice on a $12 microphone into Gary Owens or Johnny Olsen. There is another problem as well. Can we assume you didn’t shoot the original voice in a studio? Anything you do to a voice will also affect the background sounds. You may get a desirable voice result, but are also stuck with that MetroBus rumble in the background.

And no, there are no good tools for separating a voice from background trash. You can tell the sophistication of home built YouTube videos by the sound, not the video.

You can dig around in the Audacity Plugins and see if there’s anything there that could help.


Not sure exactly what you are after, but possibly using the Equalizer effect?

I think they’re after the “Professional Audio Filter” that the video people use.