Any custom tool ability?

So here’s a thought I had, and was wondering if the ability to do this exists or not, and if it doesn’t it might be cool. I helped a group do some podcasts. Who edits and uploads the podcast changes every week (there’s a rotation). Is there anyway to pre-program audacity to run multiple “effects” with spefific settings in a certain order? For instance, the person editing clicks one button titled (Podcast Edit) and it runs an eq, then compression, the normalizes, etc. This would make it so much easier than having to teach each person to go in a run certain settings etc. Thanks

If you’re sure that each podcast has the same needs, patches and filters, then yes. Audacity has “chains” which is the batch language.

If the podcast is a group effort always shot in the same place, then that may work. If you’re collecting podcasts from all over the country, then good luck. Each location is going to have different problems.

I would be very clear not to do production in MP3. Shoot the original and do editing and production (and archive) in WAV (Microsoft). At the last possible step, convert to MP3 for posting and publication.

MP3 sound quality degenerates as you edit and do production. WAV doesn’t do that.