Any Cool Modes / Effects With The BJ Wavechanger 2 plugin?

Sup guys.

I was just wondering if you guys know any good wave patterns with this plugin. I’ve been messing around with it and I love it alot, just, I do it at random and have no idea what settings will do what (which makes it fun) but…

Yeah, I’d like to know how to really use it and know what the settings are cause I use it alot (love it lol).

And I’d like to know some cool settings I should try out. Can someone help me out with this?


Fine, any plugin, just tell me how to do some weird sounds lol.

Yeah, there is MANY excellent plugins which are not getting attention that they deserve.

BJ Wavechanger is one of my most used FX in Acid basslines. =)

I have no time / energy to write lots of tips here but do you really need those? You said that you love it and use it already very much… do we have to know how everything works to get most out of it? Some say yes, i doubt it. This plugin has so few parameters that those could be explored while trying it with different sounds.

I normally record parameter changes to source patterns first. When it is ready i create long pattern just for fx, in this case BJ Wavechanger, and record its parameter changes to sequences too. This ensures that track plays same way next time when i open it. Otherwise it would be pretty hard to get old tracks sound like the way it was meant to be.

One setting i remember:
Waveform - EXP DOWN
Transpose - 9
Min samples - 1

Then i normally change “min samples” parameter and dry/wet ratio through the song. BTW. I use Jeskola BUZZ as VST host.

Though my latest track used totally different settings:

Waveform - SAW DOWN
Transpose - 5
Min samples - 500

While i tweaked those parameters while recording track, it sounded pretty damn rude! Track is not ready yet, so i can not give you a direct link for that one yet. It’s called “Blender experience” in my Afrikola Blandis album.
But i have used this plugin in many trax that i have already uploaded to .

I check if i find couple examples quickly…:

Unaware listener might think that those basslines are effected with some kind of distortion, filter, bitdegrader or combination. BJWC really gives some extra sparkling that i couldn’t have found elsewhere. =)

I did try “BJ Wavechanger 3” VST in Audacity, it prevented Audacity from running.
BJ wavechanger #3 induced error in Audacity.png
Howwever “BJ Wavechanger 2” in the “Free plugin pack” did work in Audacity (windows only).