Any chance we can lose the "Save" function on the forum

When replying to posts it is far too easy to hit the “Save” button by mistake - and like another poster I responded to recently, I’ve never figured How to retrieve the draft - so end up having to retype the reply.

Personally I think the “Save” function is a waste of space and would galdly see it removed.



Go to your user Control Panel top left of any Forum page, there is a tab “Manage Drafts” on the left then there are links “Load Draft” or “View/Edit” in the message itself. You can then edit and submit the post from there.

I told Buanzo the first time I saw Save/Preview/Submit that people would be clicking Save in error. He said he thought this was in the software shell itself so may be hard to change. I’ll give him a nag to look into it if he has time. I think we should be able to save drafts but the “Save” button should be called “Save Draft” and “Submit” should be “Post” or “Submit Post”.

Sorry, but your wrong. What I said, and I’ll keep on repeating it, and I expect someone to LISTEN this time around, is that the forum software is BETA, and that no template or new features will be modified/added until phpBB releases the final stable version.

It’s definitely NOT COMPLICATED to remove a simple button from a simple template file. But as that, and many other, areas are changing in the phpBB code, then I strongly suggest not to mess around with it.

And the choice of using thephpBB beta was discussed between Dominic and I when he hired me to do the Sys Admin job at the Audacity Project.

I would agree to the suggestion. But if the button has to stay there, maybe the text could be changed to “Evil Save”.