Any assistence would be appreciated

Newbie here, I was hoping someone could help I have created labels for an audiobook and everything appeared ok, so I exported it to a MP3 player. No playing each track it plays the first 10 or 20 seconds then jumps to the next track and so the porcess repeats.

Please can anyone advise what I may have done inadvertently?

Much appreciated if you can assist me. i’m stumped!

What happens when you re-import the tracks into Audacity?

What happens with Windows Media Player?

When I Import the all of the Audio files each are shown on a different track in the Audacity window, all starting at zero, but in the table editor; each has a sequential start and end time which do not overlap.
Many thanks for trying t help me!

If the individual files are OK in Audacity and Windows Media Player, there might be something wrong with your MP3 player.

If you used variable bitrate, try constant bitrate. Some players have trouble with VBR.

You can also try WAV files, which may give a clue.

Or, instead of using labels, try selecting/highlighting one chapter at a time and then select Current Selection as your Export Range, and export the files one at a time.

My original MP3 export was at a constant bitrate. I have re-exported the app project file as a WAV, and for some reason I don’t understand this seems to have fixed the issue but means as they are lossless I can’t get a full audiobook onto the 8GB MP3 layer.
If you can explain why it works in WAV but not in MP3 so i can correct it, I would be very grateful.
Many thanks for your assistance!

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