AnwidaSoft DX Reverb Light settings

Can anyone suggest pleasing reverb settings for orchestra, concert band, and wind ensemble? Thanks.


See . Have you considered experimenting with the Anwida presets?


Yes, but the only experimenting available with the free version includes the presets and adjusting the level and value. I was curious if others had come upon anything pleasing for large instrumental ensembles that I might start with.

I’ve been doing some experimenting with the free version presets. So far, I’ve found that “05 medium room dark” and “06 medium room warm” sound the best, at least to my ear. I usually dial down the value to about the 10 '0 clock position. I’m trying this with concert band playback files from Finale. I haven’t tried any orchestra settings yet.

Can someone please tell me the difference between “dark” and “warm” in this context?


Let your ears tell you that. You can be swayed by a word into thinking something is what it isn’t.