Another "what do you recommend?" post

Hello. I use Audacity to record piano. Currently I have Audio-Technica ATR30 microphone going into Asus P5W64 WS Pro motherboard, which has ADI1988B sound built-in. Recently the microphone input went haywire and I have used the line-in instead. The recording level is very low. I would like to get away from motherboard-sound card for recording, on a small budget. Would something like Edirol UA-1EX with my existing microphone suffice? Would Samson C03U be a better solution? The piano itself is ~10-12 feet away from my computer, in another room, so USB cord length shouldn’t (I hope) be an issue. I am open to other suggestions, but would really like to get away from using motherboard sound.

What’s your budget?

I’d like to keep it under $200

I’d probably go for something like this:

I’d rather have a PCI soundcard than an external one, such as an “M-Audio - Delta Audiophile 2496”, but at around $70 that would probably push it a little over budget.

I’d also rather have one of these microphones (in fact I have got one), but I’m not sure if they are available outside of Europe: (and a pair would certainly push you over budget.