another Volume issue...

I use a moble pre amp into a laptop into Audacity, which I am becoming comfortable with. However, after I export as a wav file so I can then import into Windows movie Maker, the final product is always so quiet. I experiemented with “effect/amplify” and went as high as I could go…still quiet tracks. Now…I do have gain knobs on my moble pre interface into which I plug my guitars, however I tend to get a lot of buzz/fuzz/interference…whatever…is it just a matter of cranking the gain on the pre amp interface and then dialing down the gain in the upper right corner of audacity/or the effect/amplify feature? Ideas?

Commercial recordings are often heavily “compressed” to increase the loudness (see: “Natural” are always a lot quieter.
If you’d like to post a short sample (just a few seconds) then we can look to see if that is the problem or if it is something else. See here for how to post an audio sample: