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Upgraded from 1.3x to version 2, but have had the problem on both. getting the same message as first post re device setting and rate (error opening input device). I have found the device tab, but this is showing that i have no devices??? so cannot record from internal sources. I have checked sound drivers etc all ok. Any help appreciated. I have also tried the loop connection as well, no luck!

The loop connection, running a cable between the Headphone Out and the Stereo Line-In works really well in Macs and Desktop Windows machines but not so well with Windows Laptops because they tend to not have Stereo Line-In. Mic-In won’t do it.

If in spite of your best efforts you can’t find the loopback devices like WAV-Out, Stereo-Mix, or What-U-Hear, then your alternative is leave Audacity closed and use special software such as Total Recorder.

Recording YouTube sound is not a natural, guaranteed tool in Windows like recording a microphone or playing to headphones. It’s an electronic accident and it can cause problems. Microsoft improves the stability and reliability of corporate communications and conferencing by leaving Stereo-Mix out.


Thanks Koz, I have a desktop machine, so thought it would loop ok, but does not want to do so. Running windows7. I have never had trouble with Audacity on XP on several machines, so much for progress. Where can I get total recorder?
Many thanks

Once again, Koz, please stop saying that. It isn’t true. What is true that many new Windows machines lack stereo mix. It is not Microsoft but the computer, motherboard or motherboard sound chip manufacturers that make the decision to omit stereo mix. Both a Windows 7 laptop and Windows 7 netbook I have obtained recently included stereo mix.


If you read all of the link Koz gave ( ) there is a link to Total Recorder, but it is not free. For a free product you can try Sound Leech ( ).

Have you actually been to the Recording tab of “Sound” in the Windows Control Panel to enable all the devices?
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