Another problem with Export of MP3 in Audacity 3.4.0

Why did the MetaData change and is also now broken?
Before I would use Alt+3 mapped as a shortcut key to export as MP3.
Then after entering the FieName, it would bring up the Metadata window.
I would enter the Metadata for the first file, Save it, and then Set as Default.
Then, for the second and succeeding files, I would just have to change the name and the Track number.
BUT NOW, I have to make an extra Click to EDIT MetaData.
Then I enter, Save, and Set as Default.
BUT on the next file I create, after clicking Edit MetaData, the entire window’s fields are again BLANK?
What is the point of setting the DEFAULT IF it does NOT read/use it?
And WHy the extra clicks, now?

See: v3.4.0 Meta data set default not working on audio export · Issue #5494 · audacity/audacity · GitHub

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