Another Microphone Question :)

Sorry to post another microphone question but it needs to be asked. After reading all of the past posts on mics I pretty much get the feeling that there is never going to be studio quality headsets for recording voice. However, I really would like a solution that would give me more room to move while recording thus the headset preference. Is there anything out there that can give me quality sound in a headset like form? If not what is the best I can do?

An a different note I was looking on eBay for the Samson and saw that they have a microphone arm for sale that comes with a 10 foot USB cable. I think I read somewhere here that USB mics cannot be extended; is this true? If not maybe I will try to save up for the samson and the arm with usb extension.

Oh you can totally buy a studio quality boom headset microphone. Vocal performers use them all the time. They are not, however, US$29.95 at Radio Shack and since they are real microphones, you still need either the radio audio connection or the mixing desk and in some cases battery service to make them work.


You should be able to extend the length of a USB cable (even if it’s a mic at the other end). The max length for USB 2.0 is 5 meters (16 feet). You may be able to get away with a bit more than that, but if you start getting audio glitches the cable length will be the first thing to start blaming.