Another macro crash

This has been an issue for a while now. I just want to batch compress and export. I’m using the newest build, on Windows 10.

Export as MP3

Whether I do it to one file, or multiple files, it will crash. If I do it to one file, it will do the macro, and crash. If I do it to multiple, it might get through two before kicking the bucket. Want to send a crash report? GOOD LUCK, it won’t. So you open the software, discard the project AGAIN, and repeat the process. At this rate, it’s faster to just open every file individually and do the process manually. Why even have macros?

What’s the use? The general reaction to this problem seems to be “Well, at least you got it working a bit :grinning:” It used to work flawlessly. It’s the reason I sent people off to use the software. The macro feature was the best out of every audio editing software I’ve ever used. I’m not looking a gift horse in the mouth here, but there has been mounting problems with Audacity for while, and the macro problem, which many people have, is really grinding me down.

Testing on W1- with the recently released 3.4.2

I cannot replicate this - works fine for me.

I do recall that there was a Macro bug reported in 3.4.1, fixed for 3.4.2, which may have been the cause,


Could you copy the crash report to a text file, and include it as an attachment to a message to this list?

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