Annyoing pop-ups when exporting

[Audacity 3.4.2 on Win10]
When splitting MCs into individual titles I frequently export some 50 tracks following the labels I set previously. During the export process, each file being processed pops up a progress bar and every other pop-up leads to the full Audacity window popping to the front. This is pretty annyoing, since I usually forget to make the main window smaller before starting the export which means it will hide any other window in which I would be typing during export.
During a lengthy export process, I like to do some other work, which is prevented by this beahvior.
Furthermore there is no indication about the total progess of the export batch job. AFAIR in versions stated progress by something like “3/50” indicated in the titel bar of the progess bar window.
It would be nice if

  • the progress bar pop-up would stop bringing the main window to the front.
  • progress of the export batch job would be indicated somehow
    Or am I missing a configuration setting?

Just found out that the second item is addressed as a regression - see

As for my first point, I tested that this works fine (not popping to the front) up to v3.2.5 - so I suspect it is a regression as well.

just for the record:

  • the first item is resolved for v3.5.0 and later - see here
  • the second item is somewhat obsolete with the solution of the first: individual export windows are not visible any more at all.