Annoying wah-wah

Hey guys this is the first time i’ve used audacity in a very long time and saw it a good medium to try some recording on my acoustic.

Since i wasnt to familiar with it in the past i was surprised at all the effects it had and i gave wah-wah a try and it sounded really good.

However for some odd reason, even if i disable the driver, whenever i record and playback a piece the wah-wah is constantly on and i can’t find a way just to turn it off. ive tried unticking enable yet it does nothing and im confused as to how on earth i can turn this damn wah-wah off so i can get some clean acoustic in

Never mind the problem seems to have sorted istelf :unamused: i feel embarrassed now

Sorted itself or you did something different to clear it? It’s a forum, not a help desk. Did you run into Windows Enhanced Services? That’s pretty common for someone recording music in Windows for the first time.