Annoying Undo/Redo popup


I recently updated to 3.0.0 and now get this annoying popup when I click on the undo (left arrow button) as seen in the attachment.

With the old way, clicking on the undo button would immediately revert back, but now I have to sit around as for as much as 2 minutes sometimes while it goes through this. It’s really getting annoying and slows down my work.

Anyway to turn it off and revert to the old behavior?



Are you working with a big project? How big?

Anywhere from 90mb to 200mb

I wouldn’t call any of that, huge. It’s the typical sizes I’ve always used.

So, no way to turn this off?

I have to live with this annoying crap?

No. You could go back to Audacity 2.4.2: Old Audacity versions download
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Well it had been 7 days and no answer. :angry:

It’s a regression and slows down work flow.

So the answer’s NO and the only way around it is to use an old version and never update. Fine.

The answer is “not at present”.

The developers are looking at ways to improve the new project format, though I don’t know all of the details - it’s “work in progress”.