annoying PROBLEM WITH a vst effect

hi all! i have a question here… so im using this super cool effect, space360. while m previewing the effect, wow. its amazing. you feel like the audio is in the same room with you, but when you apply the effect it sounds totally different from the preview. any thoughts on why the preview sounds different from the applied effect? im using the very latest versión of audacity and have windows7

That’s true of other VST’s in Audacity, e.g. SpitFish, TDR Nova.

The thing about plug-ins is - It’s up to the plug-in developer to make sure the plug-in is compatible with various host programs. There are thousands of plug-ins and only a few audio editors/DAWs and you can’t expect the host developer to test ever plug or to debug & modify the host to support every plug-in. Plus, modifying the host to make it work with one plug-in might break compatibility with another.

Commercial plug-ins almost always have a list of officially supported hosts. (Auto-Tune actually has a list of supported hosts and a list of non-supported hosts, and Audacity is on the not-supported list.) Most commercial plug-ins don’t officially support Audacity (or GoldWave or REAPER) because most users aren’t going to pay more for their plug-ins than they pay for their audio editor/DAW. They might work or they might-not, and you’re on your own for support.

Of course, people who develop free plug-ins are not going to buy every host program for testing & debugging, it’s just hit-or miss.