Annoying folder creation bug


There is a very annoying behavior in the version 2.2.2.

When I use the chain conversion Audacity creates the subfolder “cleaned” where the new, converted files are getting placed.
But when I use a new chain with new files / folders Audacity creates the folder from the previous conversion again without asking for it and I have to navigate to the right location again.
And I have to delete the unncessesary folder again. I use the chain conversation very often and it’s very frustrating to delete all these empty folders.
Is there a option to choose a default start folder (Desktop maybe?).

No, but we are currently discussing how the next version of Audacity will handle this.

One possibility that has been suggested is that when you apply a Chain to files, you will be prompted to select where you want the exported files to go. If you want to accept whatever the default is, then you just “OK” and off it goes, but if you want a different location you can browse to that location and (optionally) create a new folder for the exported files, then “OK” and off it goes. Would this be better for your workflow?

Hmm, I don’t know. I didn’t had problems with this function in the former versions of Audacity. What was changed in the current one?

I’m not sure what changed (if anything). I rarely use Chains, and whenever I do I watch closely to see where Audacity decides to put the “cleaned” folder because I can never remember how it decides. Personally I’d be much happier if it just asked me where I want the output folder.

Okay, it’s very strange now.

Yesterday I used the function a lot of times and now I have the following problem.
Everytime (!) when I use “Chains - Apply to files” Audacity creates a folder with a subfolder on my desktop.
Without asking. Without the “cleaned” folder. The folder name is "DJ Cam " and the subfolders name is “The Beat Assassinated”.
Yes, I’ve worked with these folders yesterday on the desktop. But no matter what I do now, apply chains to new files etc., the folder is everytime created new when I deleted it before.

Personally I’d be much happier if it always went to a standard location: … Documents\Audacity\Macros Output

Then folk would always know where to look.

Macos - beacuase Chains are being renamed to Macros (and extended functionality) for 2.3.0