annoying delay,how to get rid of this? (SOLVED)

Hello, i use audacity to record guitar using my amp and the mic on the computer .When recording i need to hear whats being played through the speakers,what i hear is nothing for 1 second and then the note that i just what i hear on my electric guitar and whats coming out of the speaker is out of sink and very distracting. If anybody could help me i would be great. thanks

You posted in a part of the forum that doesn’t tell us anything about you.

Windows? Mac? Which Audacity? How old is the computer? How much memory and which operating system?

It’s not unusual to get some delay, but not one second. There’s something wrong.


Turn off “Software Playthrough”.
If you are using a recent version of Audacity 1.3.x that option will be in the “Transport” menu.
If doing this prevents you from hearing anything you will need to configure your sound card for hardware playthrough. This is not possible on all computers. If it is not possible on your computer then you will need to use some sort of signal splitter between the guitar and the computer.

Thank you so much , turning off software playthrough has solved the problem,