Annoying Audio signature on output

Hi, new to audio editing but I have a perplexing problem. I’m not doing anything fancy, just shortening an audio recording to the section I want to keep.

On saving, there is a overlaid signature on the recording stating, “Program for PC demo”. I’m running the 2.0.2 version. I can’t imagine this is normal since I xan’t find anyone else mentioning it. I know some of the paid versions do this on their free versions, but since this appears to be totally free, I’m confused (a fairly easy task for someone that never tried to edit an audio file other than on cassette, LOL).

Help please!

Oops, operator error!. After posting, I went back and deleted all the different audio editors I tried and deleted Audacity and re-installed. Whatever caused the issue was resolved. Actually thinking about it, maybe someone else will have the same issue.

It is likely that you had a demo plug-in installed (probably a demo VST plug-in).

Thanks Steve, I figured it might have been something along those lines since I had that experience earlier on two editors I tried. This program looks a lot more involved than I need, but it does what I wanted now.