Analyzing a beautiful vocal performance

Hi all,

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I was wondering if someone could tell me: did the singer (the vocal part) use echo or reverb (especially during the beginning of the song)? I cannot tell. If the answer is yes, what kind of reverb can create such clear and rich effect?

Can I use a free reverb plugin and reach similar effect at home? Even if there is no background music?

I know that his voice is rich and beautiful by nature but just wondering.


Reverb is the affect of sound bouncing around in the environment. Virtually all recordings have reverb (reverberation), either natural acoustic reverb, or a “reverb effect” added later, or most often a bit of both. As with all good recording technique, reverb is not left to chance but is carefully crafted to enhance the recording. The appropriate use of reverb can enhance a recording but it can’t make a good recording out of a bad one.

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