Analogue Turntable Issues


I have been messing and all sorts since Monday. I used to be able to transfer vinyl to MP3, somehow the settings have changed … help required before I tear my wig off and hit thee bottle !!!

I use windows 7 on a toshiba satellite ( very old but reliable 2007 )
Audacity 2.1.2 recently installed was using an older version previously

I use virtual DJ Pro Full 7
Hercules RMX Mixer
Numark TT1510 turntable

Im not receiving a signal when I start the monitor in Audacity, cant hear anything out of my speakers.

Thanks in advance, any help will be appreciated.



I used to be able to transfer vinyl to MP3, somehow the settings have changed

Were you using the same computer, or a desktop/tower computer with a regular soundcard?

How are you connected to the computer? Are you using the microphone input? That will “work” but it’s probably mono and a line-level signal will probably overload it (distort).

I assume your laptop only has mi-in and headphone-out? No line-in right?

Unless your turntable or mixer has a USB connection, you’ll need an external USB interface with line-in.

The instructions say the mixer takes over from the computer built-in soundcard when you plug the USB in. If that’s your understanding, you need to do that first and then start Audacity. Audacity checks for connections when it starts. You can also Transport > Rescan.

Apparently, there’s driver software which manages sound and allows the disk control to run over the same connection. You should make sure that driver software is still installed and running.

As above, it’s a little unusual to have the control and the sound over the same cable. We’re guessing that’s how you have it connected. You don’t have to.


Thank you DVD Doug … new to the forum … I am connected into rmx into phono switched on to phono.,

Thank you kozikowsk, yes I am using the same machine, some software has been updated, possibly an update which has wiped out previous settings … Dont remember how I set it up back then

FYI the RMX Mixer is USB and is a controller, but not of the turntable at the moment … does Audacity have a line in port that I need to open ?

Sorry for the cofusio the mixer is connected to external speakers via phono to jack

Audacity will open whatever Windows provides. Audacity gets the show from Windows, not the mixer or turntable.

I’m on fuzzy ground here. Open up the Windows Sound Control panels and make sure the little Windows sound meters jump when you play something. If they don’t, then Windows isn’t getting the sound. If they do, then we have to configure Audacity to see it. Windows Sound Panels have volume controls (I think). Make sure the Line-In volume control is turned up. Does this machine really have a blue stereo Line-In?

I’d be doing this from the Start menu on the left, but I think you can right-click on the speaker icon, lower right and get there, too.


You should tell us in clear terms whether the machine has a real Stereo Line-In. It’s usually blue and it’s really unusual for a laptop to have one, even more unusual for a mini-laptop. Normal is a single headset connection or Headphone Out and Microphone in. Neither of them will record stereo, even though it may look like it is.

If it folds Stereo Line-In into other services (some machines do this), then finding it should be an adventure because there’s no telling how Windows is managing it.


My apologies if i have confused things …

I have Tosh Sat Laptop leading to Hercules RMX Mixer via usb leading to external speakers.

I have attached Numark turntable ( as i have done in the past and worked ) to the RMX mixer using phono to phono gold connectors (minimise hum) also grounded turntable to mixer … the mixer has line in/ phono with a switch for either currently on phono … I am unable to get a signal from the turntable to Audacity.

I use virtual dj 7 for playing mp3, wav etc and media player which work fine with the RMX and Virtual Configurations … ( the usual setup is the Tosh + RMX + External Speakers being Cambridge ) recently added turntable by plugging in the the phonos, but no signal … maybe a better setup would be recommended with what I have … in general it all works but it seems I have missed something in the line in / phono configs to be able to hear the turntable … hope that helps … thank Koz for your input


" Audacity will open whatever Windows provides. Audacity gets the show from Windows, not the mixer or turntable." Kos

That makes sense, I wondering how I did it before ???

Possibly I need to link a small mixer to pick up the line in / phono ?

As I dont get a signal from the TTs, but I do if I use virtual Dj when i change the configs … in the past in Audacity, i would press the monitor and could control the volume levels …

I would like an easy route to be able to get a signal in Audacity without using VDJ, with a volume level I can control … especially at this time of night … its pretty loud …


VDJ may be conflicting with Audacity or it may be “taking over” the USB connection. So, I recommend you try it without VDJ running.

I have Tosh Sat Laptop leading to Hercules RMX Mixer via usb leading to external speakers.

That sound right for VDJ, but to record with Audacity the signal needs to go the other way… Mixer → USB → Computer. You may be able to use it both ways at the same time, but right now we’re trying to get the sound from the mixer into Audacity.

OK, let’s back-up a bit…

Does your mixer (or some kind of “USB” device) show-as your [u]Recording Device[/u] in Audacity? (I’m not sure if it’s not showing-up, or if you’ve selected it and you’re “recording silence”.)

Audacity can’t find it, right-click on the Windows Speaker/Volume icon. Navigate to Recording Devices, and try to find the USB mixer. Window has found it, navigate to Properties → Advanced and make in-check "Allow applications to take exclusive control of this device..

If Windows doesn’t see the mixer, of course Audacity won’t see it either. You may have to re-install the driver.

If none of that works, there may be something we can do to record

Thank you for your replys…

Yes, Audacity was picking up the mixer, as mentioned the exclusive use, I have cleared that and yes I get a signal and hear the turntable although it is very low in Audacity … so getting there. I have used the volumes in Audacity to full but not as loud as other applications … something is holding back the in Audacity, some kind of setting / configuration possibly.

Maybe this is not the forum, but I will ask anyway how can I control line in connections o my mixer, so I can use all the effects such as Kill frequencies and equalizer ?
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Try reading the manual for the mixer.