Analog Mixing Console USB out to Win 7 ???

Hi Guys, I’ve had Audacity for some time now but today is my first attempt to use it for mix out in my 24 track studio.
I am using the Allen & Heath ZED436 console which does feature a USB function which I believe operates through their
MTX onboard format.
Here’s what I have so far: I set up my recording to go out to my Win 7 LapTop and the first time through it recorded a
very loud mix. I deleted that copy and have not been able to get any recording results since that time.
I have the toolbar set to MME, Microphone USB Audio & Speakers High Definition respectively. Any help appreciated.

Do what you did when you recorded the loud mix but turn the gains down on the mixer.


Hi Gale and thanks for your response. While that is the logical conclusion and something I repeatedly tried, as with our current technology, in the end I did not feel that I actually changed anything so therefore could not make any adjustments to go back to the original settings… Still, I’ll keep at it because that setting is in there some place right… thanks again :::

Ideally what would really be great is to gather the attention of a long time Audacity user here on the forum, perhaps with knowledge of analog equipment such as my Allen & Heath console, who can outline the exact steps to take for my situation.

So for instance: from the Toolbar, select MME.
Then: from the Transport drop down menu, choose this and that and the results should be what you are searching for…
Anyone…? Any assistance dearly appreciated :::

I am a “long time Audacity user” as you put it. I don’t have your mixer but the real point is that we cannot see your computer from here. :wink:

If you are not sure what Windows calls the mixer, open Windows Sound. Use the “Safely Remove Hardware” icon in the System Tray then when Windows says it is safe, disconnect the mixer’s USB cable from the computer. Reconnect the cable then observe the name of the device that appears in Windows Sound.

In Audacity, do Transport > Rescan Audio Devices (in the menu bar at the top). In Device Toolbar choose for recording device the name that appeared in Windows Sound. Then you should have a connection to the mixer. If you are sure MME host worked before, then you can stay with that.

Then you must configure the mixer to send some audio to Audacity.

If the red recording cursor in Audacity stalls at time zero, reboot the computer.


Thanks Gale, checking that all out now…

Ok I watched the windows sound and recording window and re plugged in my USB from the mixer and no change… I’ve already been plugged in this morning
so could be that my Win 7 has already done that??? I am using an HP ProBook 6550b :::
I have "Microphone 2- USB Audio CODEC selected and showing green at the top…
Also the RCA at the bottom is selected but of course I’m not using that. I tried deselecting that and still no sound activation
when USB trasnfer from mixer is set up…??

Also the RCA at the bottom is selected but of course I’m not using that. I tried deselecting that and still no sound activation

You can only select one recording device at a time in the [u]Audacity Device Toolbar[/u]. And, I’d be surprised if Windows knows anything about “RCA”.

Thanks for that… Ok on my toolbar what shows is from left to right MME but then the next one is a choice of 3 and all of
them begin with the word Microphone… The link you sent me shows Stereo Mix (Realtek etc…) How would I change that…?

As stated before, select as recording device in Device Toolbar the exact name of the mixer as it appears in Windows Sound (Recording tab). The mixer may be called a “microphone” by Windows but even if so you still have to choose it in Device Toolbar.

Don´t forget to do Transport > Rescan Audio Devices at the top of Audacity if you connected the mixer after Audacity was already running.