Analog Allen & Heath ZED436 USB Out to Win 7 Levels

Hi guys, I am a life long recorder player and owned a commercial recording studio in the 1980’s.
I currently operate an analog based system utilizing the Alesis HD24 24 Track recording machine (and Win 7)
For all of time I have mixed out to a stand alone rack mounted pro audio CD Recorder and wore it out
so it is time for a new one. I have some odd electrical energy in my body, my hands, and
have never indulged in any type of virtual recording gear. I have used Audacity a bit and do
like the program but up until now, never used it to mix out.
So now I am giving it a try and seem to have all the perimeters down however there is a nasty
yet subtle hiss on my final mixes???

The settings for USB out are as follows: (unless I have missed anything?)

  1. Audacity Recording Levels
  2. Mixer Matrix Out Main Levels
  3. Matrix Out Group Levels
  4. Group 1 and 2 Board Sliders
  5. Audacity Project Sample Rate Any assistance as to record level settings appreciated.

The USB Audio I/O on the ZED436 is 16-bit. If you’re recording the main out, then you should aim for a peak level of around - 6dB (must always be below zero). The recording level in Windows should be set to maximum, so that (according to the A&H documentation), 0 dB on the desk will be 0 dB in Windows (hence 0 dB in Audacity).

If the peak level is much below -6 dB, then the available dynamic range is reduced. At -6 dB peak, 16-bit provides around 90 dB dynamic range.

(Note that due to license restrictions, Audacity cannot ship with ASIO support.)

Thanks Steve, sorry it took so long to get back to you. I will try that… M