An Unhandled exception error message, please help

hello, i have downloaded multiple audio files, and each one is split into 221 audio files of 5 second each
this is why im using audacity v2.3.1 to join these files together
so after importing all 221 audio files, i select them all then select tracks from the menu bar, then i select align tracks then align end to end
after that i reselect them all, and go to tracks again from menu bar, then i select mix then mix and render
this is where i get an error message: “An Unhandled exception occurred. press abort to terminate the program, retry to exit the program normally and ignore to try to continue”
does anyone now why this is happening? i have tried this for different audio files, and i noticed that this happens only when i import 165 or more audio files, sometime 166 files or more
is it possible that a file is damaged, or maybe i exceeded the allowed number of audio files to import?
is there a maximum number of audio fies that i can import to audacity without having this error?
is there any solution to this?
thank you very much

Audacity “should” be able to handle hundreds of tracks, subject to the capability of the computer hardware. However, it rarely gets tested with hundreds of tracks, so there could be bugs that we don’t yet know about.

If it works OK with 100 tracks, then perhaps you could work with batches of 100, and then combine the results together?

I usually get this error when importing several hundred large files. 500 + seems to be pushing it, causing this type of crash.
Too bad really, as programs such as cubase have no problem loading 1000 + files without crashing.