An extra title of the song.

Dear specialists! Please, help me to clean the working area from the upper line with the title of song. It’s already presents in the left upper corner, I don’t need the other. In Edit - Preferences - Interface I’ve found nothing. Thank you!
Audacity version 3.1.0

These are the new grab-handle drag-bars introduced in 3.1.0 for moving clips (replacing the old Tine Shift tool).

You can’t remove them - you can blank out the text if that irritates you enough - just double click in the drag-bar to open the text for editing.


I need to remove the white line as well. How to prevent it’s showing up at all (every time you open the program)? It’s conspicuous, annoying. In other words, how to disable this option (innovation)?

As waxcylinder wrote: “You can’t remove them”.

If you want to try to persuade the developers to provide an option to hide / remove them, then you could try posting to the new Discord channel: