Using Windows 7 and Audacity 2.1.1

I have songs recorded at different amplitudes (volumes) on the same project. How do I change the amplitude of one relative to another?

The “Amplify” effect will change the amplitude of the selected audio. Amplify by a positive number to increase the amplitude, or by a negative number to reduce the amplitude:

The image is wrong.

On the current version

Amplification -1.96

New peak amplifitude 0.0

Unless I’m misisng something.

See the text in the yellow box near the top of that page.

Nothing is wrong, that’s just an example. A new “amplification factor” is suggested for every different selection or active track. In essence, Audacity will suggest a Gain factor (or Amplification) to normalize what is sees to 0 dB, or the highest peak to 255 (out of 0-255 bit) for instance.

Suggest assigning a HotKey for that function. I use Alt+A. This function is an ESSENTIAL feature of Audacity! and is your friend.