Amplitude Level

Hi everyone,

can someone experienced in audacity tell me which amplitude level is best for a sine wave Hz tone (for example, 0.5, 0.8 or 1) .


What are you trying to do? What’s the job?


I am trying to generate solfeggio tone frequency to meditate with like 528 Hz but I don’t know what amplitude I should use. I read that the higher amplitude, the higher the energy of the sound wave?


Audio, when it is inside a computer, is just binary numbers (a sequence of “on” and “off” states). When played via a sound card and out through an amplifier and speakers, “sound” is created. If all else is equal, (same sound card, speakers, volume level on amplifier …) then a large amplitude sine wave will sound louder than a small amplitude sine wave of the same frequency.

The “energy” of a sound wave is dependent of “amplitude” and “frequency”. Increasing the amplitude or frequency of a sine wave increases it’s energy. ( The “power” of a sine wave is equal to the square of the amplitude and the square of the frequency of the wave.

Also, for any given signal in the computer, changing the playback level on the audio amplifier will also change the playback level.

Audio signals should not exceed “0 dB”, because sound cards are limited to 0 dB. Attempting to play a signal that exceeds 0 dB will produce a nasty distorted sound.

so what amplitude level would you recommend for a 3 minute 528 Hz sine wave tone

The default level of “0.8” is safe.