Amplifying L and R differently

I know there is an “Amplify” function in the effects menu. But how can I have a different amount of amplify for left and right channels? The need for that may occur when importing sound from a cassette tape. Often one of the channels has a slightly lower level than the other.

Hmm … never tried this (= I don’t know if the method and it’s result is OK) but, on track header there’s a drop menu with an option “Split stereo track” → you should get two mono tracks. After that use the Amplify effect for the track having lower level. When levels are ~equal then, just convert those tracks to stereo track again by selecting both tracks and then, on same drop menu you splitted the original file, just select “Make stereo track” -option.

I would rather set the L/R balance before recording … Again, not sure but, I quess, you could record L/R into separate tracks by creating separate “New Audio track” for Left and Right channel and then select (through the tracks drop down menu) “Left Channel” for the one and “Right Channel” for the other. In this case you could fix the L/R balance by using Gain adjust slider(s).


You could also use the Pan slider (the lower slider in the box on the left of the track) to equalise the levels. Then, when you export, those levels will be saved in the exported file.


The Normalize effect will apply different gain settings to each channel to maximize the volume of each channel independently.

– Bill