Is there anyway I can amplify my voice as I sing with Audacity?

Audacity doesn’t apply effects in real time. If you’re not getting enough signal you can try [u]Windows Microphone Boost[/u] or you can Amplify after recording.

Technically it’s the same process if you amplify (digitally) before or after recording. The advantage of doing it after recording is that Audacity will pre-scan your file to find the peaks and it knows exactly how much it can amplify without clipping (distorting).

Thanks, but you “still” answered my question or maybe I phrased it wrong. As long as I can hear my voice “louder” than normal is good, before or after recording, not necessarily WHILE I’m recording (which would be nice too), just want to hear it on/through a mic, for the first time or at different times, Thanks.

I’ve read that 3 times, and still I’ve no idea what you are trying to say.