Amplify still has clipping

I recorded a mp3 directly from my piano. When I use effects > amplify for my mp3 and I play back the audio on my phone when it plays the high notes it has clipping, but when I use headphones there’s no distortion of the audio. How do you get a clear mp3 sound?

Obviously, the speaker built-into a phone is rather “limited” so you may have to reduce the volume.

You might also try the limiter which will push-down the peaks. Limiting or compression can make the sound “louder” without clipping the peaks. But don’t use make-up gain with the limiter. If it helps, you can try amplifying after limiting but if you go too far you may get distortion again.

Reducing the low frequencies with the Graphic EQ should help too by “leaving more room” for the higher frequencies that the phone speaker can reproduce.

when I use headphones there’s no distortion

When you use the headphones on your phone? Then the phone is broken. You should be careful when you assign damage blame. If the headphones are OK, that means the basic sound is fine and the speaker system on the phone can’t handle the sounds. Does it have trouble with bass notes? What happens if you use Effect > Bass and Treble and suppress the bass notes before you export? Better?