Amplify sound when stepped away from mic

Hello all.

Is there an automatic effect that will increase the volume of a recording when our preacher steps away from the mic? We desperately need wireless mics.

Otherwise I am manually going in there and amplifying each time he stepped away. I was thinking there is a tool out there that would raise the lowest peeks automatically to match the highest peeks.



Our favourite tool for this kind of job is “Chris’s dynamic compressor”

Scroll down to “Download and Use”. You want the “plug-in source” (read the instructions carefully).

Once installed in Audacity’s plug-ins folder it will appear in the Effect menu, below the line, as “Compress Dynamics”. Select a portion of the audio where it changes from soft to loud or vice versa and try different settings (Undo-ing in between tries) until you get what you want. Undo the final try, select the entire track and apply the effect one more time.

– Bill

Would a “lapel microphone” be practical?

thank you so much Bill. that worked! need to keep tweaking but it works good.


That’s great but is there any help files?

Help files for using the tool would be the responsibility of Chris Capel.

Do you need help generally with using effects in Audacity?

– Bill

Chris has a full write-up on his web page, and there are brief instructions at the top of the plug-in interface when you run it.
General help on installing plug-ins in Audacity are here: