Amplify Feature Request - Adjustable Presets

One of the things I do is edit audio podcasts. Some sections of the audio requires boosting 5db, some of it requires lessening it 3db.

The current Amplify effect works great if you don’t need to change the amount of gain you want or don’t want. But if you’re needing to change gain (plus or minus) multiple times in a track, you have to keep going back to the Amplify pull down effect and select the amount you want (or don’t want).

It would be great to have adjustable presets so I can choose which one I need so I don’t have to keep going back to the Amplify effect and choosing what I need to do. Having adjustable presets would be a huge time saver!

You can do this by creating Macros for the amplification to various levels. I would recommend using Normalize in the macros rather than Amplify - as Normalize amplifies to a specified dB level.

You can even assign shortcuts to each of your amplification macros.


You could use the Envelope tool:

You could create Macros to amplify by specified amounts.
For example, you could create 4 macros:
Amplify +3
Amplify +5
Amplify -3
Amplify -5

Then when you need to amplify by, say, -3dB, you could run the “Amplify -3” Macro.

Macros can also be assigned keyboard shortcuts.

More info about Macros here: Macros - Audacity Manual

Great stuff! Thank you all for these replies!

Ok, I’ve added various Macros so that I’m able to make changes, but is there a way to apply a keyboard command shortcut to these Macros? This would really make these time-savers for me.

Thanks again!

Yes, you can add custom keyboard shortcuts for Macros. See: Shortcuts Preferences - Audacity Manual