Am Not Able to Edit Audio Tracks (???)

Hello All,

I have just downloaded version 1.3.13 and am using Windows 7.

I have imported an .mp3 file into Audacity and have selected the portion of the track which I want to cut out. However, whenever I try to select the CUT tool from the EDIT menu, it’s greyed-out and unavailable. Also, when I try using ctrl + x nothing happens. Same thing when I press the DELETE key.

Is there something which i’m doing wrong here? I’ve read the tutorials and following the steps - what gives?

Is there maybe such a thing as a “protected file” which does not allow me to make edits? If so, then don’t you think there should be something mentioned about this in the tutorials???

I’m utterly confused.

Make sure you’re in Stop mode, not Pause mode.

– Bill