Am I doing something wrong?

I came to visit a friend who I’m working on a couple songs with and I brought all my studio equipment (which works perfectly fine on my computer, so I know how to hook it up) but when we hooked it up to his computer (which is newer/nicer than mine) it’s impossible to record. Even at -6db the playback after recording is coming through insane loud and distorted. If it matters I’m using a PV6 USB Mixer on Windows 7 and Audacity from the .exe installer. How can I fix this so we can record? I’m only gonna be here a couple more days and would really like to get some work done.

Can you get the volume to go down using the speaker symbol slider – playback volume in the Audacity toolbar? If you have nice bouncing meters and blue waves…

…then you have a perfect recording and it’s a computer playback problem.

I’m not on Windows, but this may help.

The USB cable should be the only cable between the mixer and the computer. No sound cables, no data cables, zippo.