Always scan VST at every Audacity launching


Previously I used Audacity 1.x under Windows XP and, these days, I’m migrating toward Windows 7 Pro (FR). I’m logged as admin.

Well, so, today, I’ve installed Audacity 2.0.1, LADSPA plugins 0.4.15, Lame 3.99.3 and FFmpeg 0.6.2. All seems to be OK unless a little thing : Audacity rescan VST modules everytime it starts, even if the option is not activated.

I’ve even checked in the audacity.cfg file and the VST section is like this :


And it still continues to scan VST modules at start-time :open_mouth: What to do ?

What is happening is that you don’t have any VST effects, but Audacity cannot tell the difference between a VST effect and a LADSPA effect until it has scanned the .dll files. As it finds no VST effects, it will look again next time that you restart Audacity. If it finds a VST effect then it will stop scanning unless you specifically tell it to scan.

As you don’t have any VST effects you can turn off VST support in “Edit menu > Preferences > Effects”.

Alternatively, install a VST effect (any VST effect) - if you ever want to use Reverb, Anwida DX Reverb Lite is a nice VST reverb.

Effectively, I’ve installed ANWIDA DX Reverb Light (VST edition) and it stopped to scan after having found it a first time. Thanks, Steve.