Always 8ms silence 3.666s into recording

Using Audacity 2.2.1 on Windows 7, I always get an exactly 8ms silence starting 3.666 sec into the recording. This is using WASAPI (haven’t tried other recording methods). It isn’t an extra 8ms silence inserted, but rather 8ms of lost data. It is completely reproducible (for me).

I have observed this behavior in several different Audacity versions as well as multiple computers (all on Windows 7). So this isn’t new to Aud. 2.2.1.

A workaround is to start the sound I’m trying to capture after the first 3.666 seconds of recording starts (which isn’t a valid workaround if I’m doing sound-activated recording). Nevertheless, seems like an oddity that might be worth investigating.

Is this a known issue? Couldn’t find anything in the forums about this. I can provide more details/screen shot if need be.

Audacity is something of a slave to what the computer is doing. Audacity doesn’t talk directly to the device or service. The down side of this is your show gets filtered through all the existing drivers, plugins and services.

What are you recording? What’s running at the same time as your recording? Skype, Games, Chat? No, I’ve never heard of an error quite that exact before.

Can you change it? Make it either better or worse? Once you can affect it in any way, that will give us a hint which direction to go.

Audacity is not recommended for recording games or Skype/chat. Audacity can’t deal with multiple sound services and processes at the same time.


a similar problem.

Try changing the Audacity sample rate from 44100Hz to 48000Hz before you start recording.