Alternatives to AppImage

I am never going to use any AppImage again.
The very concept is flawed. Previous bad experiences.
When can I expect ,deb or .rpm versions
for 3.3?
[Mint Linux 20.3 Una]

When Debian, Canonical, RedHat, or someone else creates them. Most open source software developers only release source code for Linux, so we are lucky that the Audacity development team make any binaries for Linux.

I see 3.3.3 in Ubuntu – Details of package audacity in mantic and it seems to come with a .deb download page, too.

I am currently using 2.3.3
The link to the .deb below expires 2023_08_31

does not work then?

I get
Error: Dependency is not satisfiable

And that’s why we don’t publish debs and rpms ourselves :wink:

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