Alternative block audio format to aup3?

Would be most convenient if aup3 could alternatively store the audio in the block format such as what aup do use. So that I could import aup projects to aup3 with minimum modifications and data transfers.

I have been using 2.0.4 for years and don’t want import and convert aups to aup3, to one huge file. Practically I’m stuck with 2.0.4.

Please let users choose if they want one huge file or multiple blocks. I don’t know what are reasons to place all audio to one huge file, but that is not a good idea. There was a good reason why the original aup format was invented!

Audacity 3.x should be able to “Open” an old AUP file.
Audacity 3.x is only able to “Save” in the new AUP3 format (not the old AUP format).

It was because of the frequent and tragic occurrence of people accidentally destroying their own work. For example, moving the AUP file to another location, or renaming / deleting the “_data” folder. This forum was littered with hundreds of cases like this before the new single file AUP3 format.
A “unitary project file format” was near the top of the list of “most requested features” for many years, until it was finally achieved in Audacity 3.0.

Indeed there was, and the new AUP3 format is very close to the original format except that all of the parts are held in a single SQLite database file.