Alphabetic Listings

Sorry to post a forum problem in this forum, although, I guess it’s strictly a Wiki problem.

Can someone take a minute and arrange this page in straight vertical alphabetic columns instead of zig-zag left to right?



This page?

I suspect that this may not be an option as I’m pretty sure that this will be a “feature” of the s/w that is used to drive the forum.

You can use the box that says “Display pages starting at” to jump around in the contents list - does that help at all?


Do you still have your paper telephone directory? Those are marvels of efficiency.

The font (in the US) is four flavors of Bell Centennial; Address, NameAndNumber, SubCaption, and BoldListings. The font is cartoonish if you see it blown up, but at three and four point on the carefully printed page, it lets you see clearly and read a name, address, and phone number … arranged in four columns alphabetically top to bottom.

I timed it. It takes three times longer to find something if the arrangement is zig-zag. The first block of time is trying to figure out what the arrangement is, the next block is trying to figure out the best way to search three columns top to bottom. The rest of the time is scanning repeatedly to make sure you didn’t miss anything.

Four times if you have to stop, launch, and fill up a search term. If the search term misses, you start over.

There are wiki whiz kids at work. I can ask them.


Actually I agree Koz, I wasn’t writing a justification - merely a commentary on the vicissitudes of the s/w (or maybe it’s just lazy implementation) :smiley:

BTW: for years telephone directory listings, indexes in books etc have always been organized alphabetically by surname, then firstname/initial - so why oh why does Apple turn that all around in iTunes libraries, with indexing by first name???


Unfortunately not. That page is auto generated by the wiki software and is not editable.

There may be a mod available (I’ve not checked), but if there is then it would need to be checked and tested against any other modifications that are in use for compatibility and stability. If there isn’t a mod available, then it would require writing one (and testing). Much more than a couple of minutes work.

I think the Audacity wiki uses MediaWiki