allow playback start close to playback cursor

Hi Gale,
I might be blind…has the ability to click on the timeline at any location been added to the “enhancements” list?
That capability didn’t shown up in 1.3.6 or 1.3.7 and I haven’t found it listed in the “enhancements” list (could be I just missed it).


No sorry, annotating that part of Feature Requests was still on my TODO list (along with a few thousand other things). I doubt anything will be done about this prior to the new Stable 1.4.0 Release later this year, as I don’t see it as a priority, especially as I found some workarounds that let you start playback at or close to the playback cursor, using the timeline (albeit having to define a region).

  • Start at the cursor: hover close, so you get the arrows ← → , drag rightwards, but click space afterwards (this is a bug, space should not be necessary). To end at the cursor, drag leftwards and space. IMO both these are less easy than putting the mouse over the track and pressing B, but still.

  • Close to the cursor: drag in reverse direction (i.e. right to left) when you want to play forwards from close to (either side of) the cursor. Space is not required.

I’ll probably mark this as a bug as I think part of it could be described as such, and I doubt it would ever be dealt with as a Feature Request with a couple of votes.


Thanks Gale.
I agree…i view it as a bug also.
Thanks again,