Allow generating chirps and tones below 1Hz

There is nothing special about 1Hz. Please bring lower limit down to 0Hz. What if you want it to wave once per year? You need 0.00000003Hz. What if you need once in 2 seconds? 0.5Hz.

The developers have a lot of important work to do that will benefit millions of Audacity users.
While I can see that your suggestion ‘may’ benefit one or two users, the practical benefit is marginal. How often do you think people want to generate a frequency of once cycle per year, or anything below 1 Hz?

If by any chance you really do need a frequency below 1 Hz, you can generate it with Nyquist: That is one of the main reasons for including Nyquist in Audacity - it allows users to experiment beyond the realm of what is reasonable for an audio editor,

(hzosc 0.0001)

I’m not a programmer, so I don’t know Nyquist programming language.

If you’re not willing to learn how to do something, I can only assume that it is not very important to you.

You are very mistaken. I’m 12, so it would take me like 5 years to learn Nyquist programming language. This is like having an image editor which requires to learn C++ to use colors with less than 10% brightness.

Imagine I want an experiment: combine power of 2 waves. To last more than 1 second, I need to use lower than 1 frequencies. Audacity is inconsistent. Spectrogram minimum frequency has an opposite problem: you can’t set fractional frequencies, like 27.5Hz (A0) or 62.5Hz (256 period in 16000Hz).

Do you know how to copy and paste?
I provided you with the code for generating a 0.0001 Hz sine wave. Here it is again:

(hzosc 0.0001)

But square waves must remain a pain, right?

for a 0.01 Hz square wave:

(osc-pulse 0.01 0)

Yeah. But I have to use a calculator to convert samples to seconds, in case I want a period-time wave, like 128 samples for 396Hz, assuming 50688Hz sample rate. Also, I already have a Nyquist plugin that can generate waves below 1Hz, but it also requires time in seconds.

Chirps are still a devil.