All tracks timeshift together in KDE Mint [SOLVED]

Hello all,

May I please enlist your help for bypassing strange limitations encountered in Audacity?

Currently on my laptop is Audacity 2.05, in KDE Mint. But since my laptop doesn’t have mic/line In, I usually start work on my desktop version (Audacity 2.03, in Ubuntu 12.04 LTS). Scores (or parts of scores) then go back and forth between desktop and laptop. Furthermore, Ubuntu 12.04, on my desktop, is actually on its last legs. And I still don’t know as to whether this may be a contributing factor for difficulties presently experienced in Audacity 2.05 in Mint.

Most bedeviling are the following two phenomena:

  • Anything from a thumbnail or external hard disk pasted into a new track will move the previous track(s) to a totally random place (usually somewhere after the new one) - on which I’ll have no influence whatsoever, of course;
  • Time-shifting separate tracks is now impossible: if a score consists of, say, four tracks, all four will move in a body.

This is all very impractical, of course. But nothing in Edit>Preferences seems to be out of kilter, on the face of it. So now I really don’t a clue as to how to sort out this peculiar glitch. Any ideas or suggestions?

Thanks very much.


I think that is the clue. Check that you have not accidentally enabled “Sync Lock” (see: Audacity Manual)

Thanks very much Steve!

Sync Lock was indeed ‘on’. After switching that off, everything returned to normal. Big relief!