All tracks silent after reopening

Hi everybody!

Yesterday I edited a song and saved it properly as .aup. Today I reopened it to continue, but all tracks are silent! The weird thing is, that all track parts are exactly in the same place as before, the textmarks are still all there; it’s only that everywhere, where there was sound, now there is just a blue line.
When clicking on play there is as well no sound.

I am relly frustrated and have no clue, why this could happen. I would be very happy if it was possible to fix this :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance for any help

OS: Windows 7 HP, 64bit, SP1
Audacity: 2.1.3 (installed via exe)

And an error message was shown on opening the project but you didn’t read it? Am I right?
We need to know what that error message said.

My guess is that you have moved, renamed, or deleted the project’s audio data. See here for information about managing Audacity projects:

I edited a song and saved it properly as .aup.

You saved an Audacity Project whose lead manager file is an AUP. You also need the rest of the Project which is a _DATA folder of the same name. Can you find that _DATA folder?


No, there was no error message.

Yes, the _data folder is still there and its content looks like that of my other (working) projects.

If there is missing audio data, Audacity will warn about it, and one of the (non-default) options offered, is to “Replace missing audio with silence (permanent immmediately)”.
If you select that option, then the missing audio is replaced by silence, immediately and permanently. Opening that project again in the future will not give an error, but will open with silence in the places that audio data was previously missing.