All recordings disappeared - is there a way to recover?

Hi, I’m using Audacity 2.1.0, MAC OS Yosemite
All of a sudden in the middle of a recording (I was doing an animation workshop for kids, and we were recording voices), just before I was about to save the project, all tracks suddenly turned empty, and I lost a lot of valuable recordings. You have to imagine kids who had to do it all over again just 10 minutes before the end of the workshop…
I thought, maybe if I save and reopen, everything will come back, but no - it was a bunch of empty tracks. I was too in a hurry to try locating a temporary folder, where I thought Audacity should keep those files, but just in case this happens again - is there a way to recover such weirdly lost projects?

is there a way to recover such weirdly lost projects?

Is there anything weird about your setup? Are you using a school’s network services either to run Audacity or to save the work? Audacity doesn’t like networks. It doesn’t understand network switching and delays.

Did you install a virus product on your Mac? Some protection programs see all those odd files piling up and protect you by deleting them.

One of the installs in this number range would try to save work in /Applications which is where it installed Audacity. Macs don’t like saving shows in /Applications.

I was about to save the project

How far did you get? File > Export [ca-boom].


Audacity > Preferences…, Directories section lets you see and change the Audacity temporary directory. Or, File > Save Project As… before recording then you can choose the save location and the temporary location isn’t used.

They still do that: