All recordings are too slow from cassettes

Everytime i put a cassette into the HYPE cassette player, the recording will be too slow. For some reason the HY-2010-TP is playing back the cassettes too slow. IS this a problem with the software or with the Hype Cassette player?. When I record anything I have to go in and change the speed by 25% in order for it to playback at the correct speed. I am using Windows 7 and Audacity version 2.0.6.

There is a playback speed control in Audacity. (I’m not talking about the Change Speed effect… There is a Playback Speed slider in the toolbar.) Make sure it’s set to 1.00x. (The playback speed control only affects playback in Audacity. It doesn’t affect recording or your file, so if that’s the problem your file will play back OK in Windows Media Player, etc.)

If that’s not it, odds are it’s the “cheap” tape player.

It’s not the software. The software won’t accidently change the speed, but there’s a slight chance it could be drivers.

Are you hearing the playback during recording? How’s the speed? If you aren’t hearing it playing while recording, plug headphones into the Cassette player to check the analog speed.

There is also a slight chance there’s something wrong with the digital clock in the Cassette player.

Or, it could be the tapes. Have you tried a different tape? Are these commercial tapes or homemade tapes?